9 Houseplants You Can Totally Neglect

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Have you ever been guilty of plant neglect? Maybe you went on a trip and forgot to leave your house keys with a friend and now all your low light houseplants have died. Or perhaps you kept meaning to water that one on your desk, but you were always so busy. Do you cringe when people give you plants as gifts, knowing that they will go out with the garbage one day soon? But all you need is one of these hardy specimens and you can relax.

Lauren Piro at goodhousekeeping.com posted this collection of nine houseplants you can totally neglect. Each one was chosen for its resistance to drought. Some do well in low light, too. Now I know why my boss always had healthy-looking greenery in her office–she had three of the ones on this list! Pick a new houseplant you can neglect (safely) when you click the link below.


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