The 10 Coolest Ways To Use Your Old Wine Corks

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Whether it’s at a dinner, at a party or just when you drink your fine glass of wine, there are always those wine corks which get thrown away. Nothing is more rewarding than using any leftover item and convert it into a new use.

This months “Top 10″ series is about all those clever ways artists and crafters have come up with over time, to convert a simple wine cork into something really amazing.

Wine Cork Idea #1
DIY: Wine cork table runner
by thefullmoxie.com


Wine Cork Idea #2
Wine Cork Letter
by growingupgardner4.blogspot.com



Wine Cork Idea #3
Wine Cork Bird House
by tinnedpineapple.tumblr.com

Wine Cork Idea #4
Large Wine Cork Portraits
by culy.nl

Wine Cork Idea #5
Wine Cork Flower Pots
by freshmom.com/anthropologie

Wine Cork Idea #6
DIY Lamp Makeover with Wine Corks

Wine Cork Idea #7
DIY Wine Cork Stamps – Mustaches Style
by bespangledjewelry.blogspot.com

Wine Cork Idea #8
Large Wine Cork Letter
by thecountrybarrel.com

Wine Cork Idea #9
Cork In The Road – Art
by oneofacork.com

Wine Cork Idea #10
Easy Craft Idea: Wine Cork Trivet
by canadianliving.com

So which of these ten great ideas for wine corks are your favorites? Do you plan on making something original the next time you get your hands on a couple of wine corks?


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