10 New Uses For Old Towels

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What do you do with old towels when they are holey, stained, and worn thin? Do you toss them out, or do you have a method for re-using them? I vote for the latter idea, and it’s a good chance you’re as frugal as I am.

Stacy Barr at sixdollarfamily.com knows all about living cheaply and making the best of what she has. She posted ten new uses for ratty old towels. This article goes well beyond simply cutting them up for cleaning rags. With just a little work, you can make them into pretty creations that you can continue to enjoy for a while yet. And of course, if you just want rags, she explains how to make your own homemade cleaning products to use with them. See how to recycle old towels when you click the link below.


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