How to Make the Most Of A Small Space

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If you have found your way to this article, then odds are you are looking to make use of a small space. The reasons for doing this vary from downsizing your home because the kids have moved out for good to have a baby and a starter home. Whatever your reasoning might be for wanting to make the most of a small space, you have come to the right place.

We love to give tips for all kinds of things, especially your home, so keep reading and we’ll help you take that small room and make it into a comfortable and livable area.

Invest in A Hideaway Bed

People love redecorating bedrooms. When we are remodeling a child’s bedroom who has officially moved away from home, we want to make space usable opposed to a shrine to that child, yet we want to keep it available for sleeping for when they come to visit with their own family.

The way to make most of the space that you’d like to use for utility, like an office, and a sleeping area, like a guest bedroom, is to get a bed that can be hidden. There are several options like futons, daybeds, murphy beds, and sofa beds. In fact, here is a list of the best sleeper sofas on the market today. These styles are one of the best ways to save space.


Shelving Units

Another way to make the best of a small space is to put shelves in the room. This will make better use of your walls and give you plenty of room to put your stuff. There are several types of shelving units available including large, medium, small, adjustable, corner units, and even shelving units that also serve as a headboard for a bed.

You can hang shelves on the walls and even put them on top of your desk. Shelves help make the most of a small space and enable us to store what we need without too much clutter.

Assign Areas

A great way to make the most of a tinier room is to make sure you designate areas for specific uses. For example, if you are trying to make the most of your dorm room then you can designate one area for clothing and personal hygiene items and another for studying and school supplies. Make the third area to keep chips, instant ramen, and other kitchen items, and it’s like your small dorm has turned into an entire apartment with all the things you are keeping in there.

The key with this tip is to make an area in the room where you do certain things. If it’s a spare room in your home that will serve as a guest bedroom and an exercise room you can put a nice sofa bed against the wall with a small dresser/side table and a lamp. You can put a television on the wall across from the sleeper sofa and a workout bench in the corner.

Around the bench you store weights and other items you will be using when you work out. Zones keep small rooms tidy and uncluttered as well.

Utilize Optical Illusions

There are ways you can use colors, patterns, and other household items to make this room seem bigger than it is.


It would benefit you to paint the walls in your small room a light color like white or beige. A darker color will only give the space an oppressed feeling. This ideology is only secluded to the walls though. When it comes to the ceiling go with a dark color, which can trick the eye into believing the walls are larger than they are.


Opposing reflections is probably the oldest and best trick in the book when it comes making a small room look larger than it is. You can do large mirrors on one side, possibly on the closet doors, and put smaller mirrors on the opposite wall. This will make your space appear much larger and give a comfortable feeling to anyone who is using the space.


Another trick is to pick one wall in the room that will draw everyone’s eye by putting a decorative wallpaper on it. You can go with something like veritable stripes that draw the eye upward to the dark ceiling. This could work well in a room that has while on the other three walls.


Even though we suggested putting shelves in, minimizing the number of things you can see in your room will make it seem bigger. Too many items and you risk the look of a messy room. This can be done by keeping things in the closets and the dressers or hutches. Avoid storing things under the bed. Also, go easy on the art, so the walls are relatively blank.

Window Treatments

If you can avoid any window coverings in this room, then leave them unobstructed. This will help make the small space seem larger. Of course, if you are talking about a bedroom or any other room that requires privacy, then stick to something light and simple that blends with the walls.


These are a few ways you can take your small space and make it feel larger to you and your family. So much so, you won’t be able to get anyone out of there. You might get so good at this you will find yourself moving to one of those tiny houses.


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